Friday, June 15, 2012

5 Weeks 2 Go~

We are nearing our 35 week mark with our 2nd pregnancy. & It really hit me just the other day when I was thinking, "Wow..I've been pregnant for 8 months, and only have 1 more to go." It was an extremely emotional moment for me.. realizing this could be the last time I'm ever pregnant!!! We are getting very anxious to meet our little girl! Giving Kai all the love and attention we possibly can before her arrival~ :) 
We wonder who she'll look like? Or who's traits she'll strongly hold? 
Kai looks so much like his daddy- but hold so many traits that both Cory and I both hold---- 
I just cant believe that we are near the END.
Wondering if I'll even make it 40 weeks? 
So many questions, but one thing is for sure. WE ARE READY~ 

Thursday, June 7, 2012


See, there I go. Wanting to post a favorite memory of my everyday life and the minute I talk about doing it.. Is the minute I forget about my blog. :( 

Well, lately I have had so many favorite moments.. I wish I had written a favorite part about every day. . . Bummed! 

To make up for lost time, Lately Cory and I just cant come to terms with how big our little guy is getting. :( He's nearing 2 in a half and we are just so happy with who he is. 
For instance, today... I was on the computer adding things to Emee's registry and Kai was laying on the floor to my left watching his cartoons and heavily into  playing with his cars and trucks. . . When I sneezed and he instantly said, "Bless you Momma!"- and I said, "Thank you Kai" and He said, "Your Welcome." .. Makes me so proud to be his Momma. 

He has grown to be a fierce little person with so much character. Very sure of what he wants, and so funny just like his dad. 

We love him dearly. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Well, It's not even 7AM yet and I've already had a favorite memory. 
We are so lucky to have such a goofy spirited little boy~ 
He keeps us constantly laughing! 
This morning at 6:15AM- My alarm goes off, and moments later... I hear Kai from his room a little angry- yell.. AHHH... MOMMM!! and as usual I get up and hurry to him to see what's going on.. and he is standing by his bedside, and says "I PEE'd THE BED, ACCIDENT, I PEE'D THE BED" It was just the cutest darn thing.. I told him- It's okay you were sleeping, it was just an accident.. changed him and took the wet blanket off his bed and layed him back down. 
 What a blessing he is, thank you Lord. <3 We love him so much~